Cosmochoria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Selfless Savior

Navigating the cosmos with seeds in hand, you successfully grew new life so grand.


Your last lifeline thought lost to infinite space. Yet you made it back to soil: so safe.

A Solar Shave

You jet along the red razors edge. No fuel left—but living life was your pledge.

In the Rough

Asteroid suspicions of treasure concealed. Rock cracked in half: rewards revealed.


Three planets to train you three more to inspire. And three more yet—it’s what the achievement requires.

Photon Sin Thesis

Encountered evil within three seeds, vanquished that evil without concede.

The Mod

NeoGAF’s orbit became overrun fast. You nuked the thread with a megaton blast.

Destiny's Errand

You found the one to whom 8 belonged. From behind a beard rewards were spawned.


The truth revealed, the story told. Not quite sure why he’s so darn old.

We Win, Gracie

The rock creeped closer—impending fear. When the bombs went off: victory cheer.

I’ll Be Brief

Through the fabric of the finest loom’s fruit, you’d charge your gun, jump, and then toot.

The Pacifist

Their bullets hit, your skin was bruised... but your weapons remained unused.


A sword was found and then returned. A ninja’s trust was rightly earned.

Right Round, Baby

The stars spun dizzily through skies above. The soil beneath restored with love.

Double Dragon

See both the fire breather trying to heat up your heart, and the ice breather trying to break your smile apart.

Domo Arigato

You're wondering who I am-machine or mannequin. With parts made in Japan, I am the modern man.


The option placed before his eyes. You chose to fight. You chose to try.

The Blue Pill

People say that ignorance is bliss. To be clueless was your only wish.

The Cataclysm

The truth revealed, a fight fully fought—fate then sealed and victory brought.

Part of the 1337 Team

Their forces combined and changed the Earth. You dreamed of such power since before your birth.


The fabric of all time and space shred into pieces and displaced.


Tended egg from love to life. Now a creature helps fight fiends with friendship rife.

For Jesse

With enough food grown for a cupboard of bears, the secret revealed just over there.

Cold Embrace

For a twelfth of an hour all you’d know was distant planets hung far below.

Construct, Too

Your hands were calloused, as were your knees. One hundred structures did you see.


Bullets, lasers, armour and shells. You choices for battle shall suit you well.

For Nick

With faith while lava burned you hard, the fire yarn spun to immaculate garb.


A lifetime of saving for a few years of rest. You wish you'd spent it while at your best.