Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Earn a survivor medal.


Earn a defender medal.


Earn a strategist medal.

Paws for Thought

Completed an optional skirmish.


Completed a quest.

Quick Paw McGraw

Completed a mission in less than 90 seconds.

Spirit of Recycling

Used soul absorption on a fallen spirit warrior.

Efficient Solution

Beat a skirmish level with a card to spare.

Clawed Charge

Completed the Direct Trail.

The Warrior

Purchased all the might skills.

Battalion of Bows

Completed a battle with only archers.

War by Other Means

Completed a battle without building any troops.

Frozen Fur

Completed the Frozen Country Trail.

The General

Purchased all the martial skills.

The Magician

Purchased all the magic skills.

The Philosopher

Completed all skirmishes.

Woodland Warrior

Completed the Ancient Forest Trail.

The Explorer

Found all the artefacts.

A Dog's Day

Completed the final battle against the cats.

Feline Superiority

Completed the final battle against the dogs.

The Only Way to be Sure

Completed all Missions.

Master Strategist

Earned every strategist medal.

Ultimate Tactician

Earned all medals.

Master Defender

Earned every defender medal.