Dracula: Love Kills achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Swift as Night

Find 3 objects in 3 seconds

Seer of the Unseen

For using vision ability 5 times


For collecting 10 bottles of blood

Eternal Wanderer

For finding 225 objects

Vessel of Force

For using telekinesis 5 times

The Blade of Knowledge

5 puzzles in a row without skip

Hell's Soldier

For using strength ability 5 times

The Hunger

For collecting 30 bottles of blood

The Devil's Own

For finding 425 objects


For using animal form ability 3 time

Black Cat's Omen

HO without missing clicks

Riches of Eternity

10 HO in a row in less than 3 minutes each

Heart Render

1 puzzle in more than 10 minutes

Sanguineous Lord

For collecting all bottles of blood

Undead Avenger

For completing the main story in easy mode

Son of the Dragon

For finding 625 objects

Perfect Destroyer

For skillful TNT usage

Veteran of the Dark

For finding the Pluto temple

Eye of the Wyrm

For assembling the fake artifact

Keeper of Secrets

For completing the tutorial

Love Eternal

For not skipping intro and all dialogs

Crown of Glory

Find 10 objects in 10 seconds

Tendrils of Fate

10 HO in a row without a hint

King of Hell

For collecting the Pluto artifact

Prince of Darkness

For biting all the girls

Watch Warden

For completing the game in less than 5 hours from the first time

Slave of Fate

1 HO in more than 10 minutes

Lord of the Night

For completing the main story in hard mode

Servant of Heaven

For destroying the Pluto artifact

Tarnished Angel

For not biting all the girls

Dark Prize

All HO without hints

The Angel of Will

All puzzles without skip

Destiny of the Damned

For collecting all the achievements