Gloria Victis achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 78 unknown)

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Gatherer I

Gather 100 resources.

I'll be back

Die in the battle.


Earn "Honoured" social status.

Bull's eye I

Inflict 50 headshots with bow.

Another Story Begins

I'm going on an adventure!

Conqueror I

Capture 1 flag.

Solid citizen

Earn weekly reward for login.

You are breathtaking!

Die from drowning.

Gatherer II

Gather 1.000 resources.

Fire in the hole!

Shoot using siege engine.

The art of falling

Die from falling damage.


Complete the first line of quests.


Earning level 40 with at least 1 character.

Meet my friends

Create the Guild Heraldic or join a guild with Heraldic.

I'm full

Completely fill the hunger meter.


Join the underdog nation.

Now you know me

Create your own Heraldic.

Builder I

Upgrade 3 objects.


Earn "Legend" social status.

Let's talk

Send your feedback.

The Wolf of Stoneholm

Make first million (one gold).

Raider I

Loot 3 players from enemy nation.

Conqueror II

Capture 10 flags.


Hunt a goose.

Hold my beer!

Die from burning damage.

Veteran I

Complete 5 "Valley of Death" tournaments.

Gatherer III

Gather 10.000 resources.

Hunger games

Drop food level down to 0.

Bounty Hunter I

Defeat 1 player with a traitor status.


Earn 100 character level.

Champion I

Win 3 "Valley of Death" tournaments.


Earn "Lord" social status.


Earn monthly reward for login.

Take a seat!

Set a campfire.

Builder II

Upgrade 30 objects.

Aspiring Mentor

Being marked as Mentor by 1 ”Greenleaf” player.

Glory Gladiator

Reach the 35% of top players in the Glory rank table.

Glory Pretendent

Reach the 15% of top players in the Glory rank table.

Renovator I

Repair 1 object.

Curse Slayer

Slay a Spectre.

Bull's eye II

Inflict 500 headshots with bow.

Veteran II

Complete 30 "Valley of Death" tournaments.

Brandon Slayer

Slay Brandon the Raubritter.

Gambler I

Win 1 dice game.

Raider II

Loot 30 players from enemy nation.

We have a city to burn

Deploy any siege engine.

Conqueror III

Capture 100 flags.

Champion II

Win 20 "Valley of Death" tournaments.

Giant Slayer

Slay a Giant.

Bounty Hunter II

Defeat 3 players with a traitor status.


Kill at least 10 players during a single tournament.

Glory Veteran

Reach the 7% of top players in the Glory rank table.

Eagle Eye

Deal at least 15 headshots in less than 1 minute.

Ragi Slayer

Slay Ragi the Renegade.

Builder III

Upgrade 300 objects.


Kill at least 5 players in less than 1 minute.

Raider III

Loot 300 players from enemy nation.

Sirius Slayer

Slay Sirius the Exile.

Renovator II

Repair 10 objects.

Bounty Hunter III

Defeat 10 players with a traitor status.

Champion III

Win 200 "Valley of Death" tournaments.

Renovator III

Repair 100 objects.

Arena Duelist

Reach the top 10% of players in the Arena rank table.

Gambler II

Win 5 dice games.

Bull's eye III

Inflict 5000 headshots with bow.


Hunt 100 animals in under 1 hour.

Nimble as a cat

Reach 300 Dexterity.

Veteran III

Complete 300 "Valley of Death" tournaments.

Experienced Mentor

Being marked as Mentor by 10 ”Greenleaf” players.

Legendary Mentor

Being marked as Mentor by 30 ”Greenleaf” players.

Nation's Mentor

Being marked as Mentor by 100 ”Greenleaf” players.

So close

Draw an arena duel.

Gambler III

Win 20 dice games.

Hard as a rock

Reach 300 Constitution.


Kill at least 20 players during a single tournament with max 3 deaths.

Strong as a bull

Reach 300 Strength.

Gambler IV

Win 50 dice games.

Gambler V

Win 100 dice games.