ABRACA - Imagic Games achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Novice Prince

Finish a race.

World "Castle" finished

Finish a race in "Castle" world

World "Beanstalk" finished

Finish a race in "Beanstalk" world

The more you are... the more you scream !

Finish a race with 4 players.

Complete casting

Finish a race with every character

World "Witch" finished

Finish a race in "Witch" world

World "Frozen" finished

Finish a race in "Frozen" world


Accept king's kindness

Sword Master

Kill 100 gronchons at close range

3 stars princess

Get 3 stars in a princess challenge

Back to Sender

Throw back 50 projectiles with your shield

World "Arabian Nights" finished

Finish a race in "Arabian Nights" world

Imagi World Tour

Finish a race in each world.


Refuse king's kindness


Kill 100 gronchons with long range attacks

3 stars prince

Get 3 stars in a prince challenge

3 stars cursor

Get 3 stars in a cursor challenge

Stun !

Stun 200 gronchons.

All prince

Finish every prince challenge


Kill 500 gronchons.

All princess

Finish every princess challenge

All cursor

Finish every cursor challenge

All prince 3 stars

Finish every prince challenge with 3 stars

All princess 3 stars

Finish every princess challenge with 3 stars

All challenges

Finish all challenges

All cursor 3 stars

Finish every cursor challenge with 3 stars

Challenge Master

Finish every challenges with 3 stars

Circus Games

Fight in all arenas

Abraca Expert

Finish 50 races

The prince and the frog

Grab and throw 100 frogs