Major\Minor - Complete Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 136 unknown)

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The First Step

Welcome to The Ark

A Case of Vertigo

Make Terra Great Again

Rook Takes Pawn


An Unexpected Turn

Completed Chapter One.

An Enigmatic Man

And His Protege

An Unexpected Bond

Pop Quiz

Welcome to Cafe Chat!

Long Live The King

Completed Chapter Two.

That Something Special

What Does it Stand For?

The Little One

The Clumsy Barmaid

Right Hand Man

A Familiar Face

The Exodus Project

Breathtaking Events

A Sinister Plan

Completed Chapter Three.

Force of Nature


An Overdue Meeting

Strong in Arm

The Lead Guitarist

Path of the Mercenary

Who's In Charge?

An Explosive Revelation

A Real Threat

Completed Chapter Four.

More Than Meets The Eye

A Plan of Freedom


Who Are You?

What is This Power?

The Midnight Deaths?


Bound to Happen

Perfect Track Record

Let The Games Begin

Completed Chapter Five.

Sharp Thinking

Et Tu, Kila?

Curtains Rising

The Little Bro

Last To Learn


It's Called a Hustle

Friend or Foe?

Prime Evil

Completed Chapter Six.

Crooked Negotiations

Closer to Safety

The Race Is On

A Temporary Alliance

Ballroom Blitz

Completed Chapter Seven.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The Big Play

Welcome to Arcadia!

We Have a Winner

Full Circle

A Fateful Choice

Date with Destiny

Completed Chapter Eight.

An Auspicious Day

The Longest Journey

Another One Bites The Dust

That Was Ominous

The Final Steps

The Flames of Penitence

Completed Chapter Nine.

Sympathy For The Devil

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Carry On, Wayward Son

Stuck on Repeat

An Unbearable Gift (Kila)

What is The Ark?

Repairing Burnt Bridges

Role Reversal

A Killer Date

At The Apex

What a Twist!


A New Perspective

Artificial Support

Alone Together

Conquering Temptation

Perfect No More

The Lost Child

Path of the Assassin


Mercenary Meetup

An Important Question

Shocking Young Man

The End Of The Line

Saw the Regular Ending of Major\Minor.


An Assassin's Origins

Shoot To Thrill

Overcoming Grief


Broken Trust

The Future of Assassins

Overcoming Roadblocks

Best Not Repeat This

A Bearable Present (Kila)

Baby Steps

Childhood Bonds

Fight For Your Right

Cold Exterior

Renewed Determination

A Sudden Outburst

Warm Exterior

An Unbearable Gift (Rook)

Assassin Meetup

Come Together


In The Future To Come


Saw the True Ending of Major\Minor.

A Bearable Present (Rook)

A Plan of Action


Princes Of The Universe

Blitzkrieg Pop

Checking it Twice

No More Tears

The Informant

When I Come Around

Requiescat In Pace

Scumbag Savior

True Origins

Gimme All Your Lovin'

The True Purpose


What's Gone is Gone

What a Wonderful World

Sparks Will Fly

Is This Foreshadowing?

A Tale Of Confusion

Lost Potential