Infectonator 3: Apocalypse achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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First Blood

Kill 1 Human

Upgrade: Complete

Purchase a Zombie Upgrade

Zombie Mk.II

Evolve a Zombie

Virus Efficiency

Infect 4 Humans with 1 Virus Deployment

The Second Amendment

Let 500 Zombies be killed by Humans

Lord Goben Giveth

Unlock the Goben Zombie

It Roams in the Snow

Unlock the Yeti Zombie

Urban Domination

Destroy a Region

Fire in the Hole!

Use a Grenade to destroy a Wall

Supreme Leader

Unlock the Kim Jangon Zombie

World Epidemic

Infect every single continent

Amenhetop II

Unlock the Mummy Zombie

Zombie Intervention and Tactics

Make the Human deploy the Z.I.T. Unit

Count Draculo

Unlock the Draculo Zombie

Capitol Down

Unlock the Drumph Zombie

King of the Jungle

Kill the Zimba Kovfefe

No One Can Hear You Scream

Unlock Teemoon and Tayrong

Dragon Slayer

Kill the Komodomo

No Virus Needed

Get a Perfect Big Stage without deploying the Virus

Fiery Fire of Hell

Unlock the Doomon Zombie

Continental Domination

Destroy a Continent


Kill Pablo Escargot


Kill the Super Hentais

Disco Fever

Unlock the Disco Zombie

Don't Say No

Kill Justin Beaver

In Russia, Bear Infects You!

Kill Beardimir Pudin

Last Blood

Kill the Rambeau

The Spy Who Infected Me

Kill Jones Bondo

Giant Slayer

Kill all Bosses

Master of the Undead

Unlock all types of Zombies

For the Watch

Kill The Bastard

The Red Lady

Kill The Red Lady

Anti-Zombie Drugs

Lose a Game by letting the Cure reaches 100%

World Dominator

Gain a Victory by Destroying all Continents

Mother of Dragons

Kill The Khasalee

The Downside Up

Unlock the Demogrogo Zombie

New High Score!

Gain 500,000 Score from a Playthrough


Kill the Busters of Myths

Second Win

Gain Victory in 2 Playthroughs

Panic at the Lab!

Increase a total of 1000 Panic (Regional and Global)

Toge News Subscriber

Watch the News 500 Times