Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Storms Ahead

Read the Paper on Day 1

Mime After Mime

Get rid of the cop in Jackson Square

At First Sight

Meet Malia Gedde

Snake Hunter

Find a clue at Lake Pontchartrain

Optimistic Day One

Complete Day 1

Identity Thief

Obtain a false ID

Southern Charmer

Excessive flirting!

Twisty Day Two

Complete Day 2

Advanced Voodoo Studies

Sit through the Voodoo lecture

Unauthorized Copy

Get a copy of the Voodoo Murders File

Stalking 101

Find Madame Cazaunoux's address

Star-crossed Lovers

Have a fated run-in

Making An Impression

Make a jewelry mold

Tempting Day Three

Complete Day 3

What a Croc!


Help Sam improve his game

Three Dragons

Eyes of the Snake

Witness a chilling death

Frantic Day Four

Complete Day 4

Family History

Read Gunter's journal

Snake Attack!

Secret Decoder Ring

Translate a mysterious code

Compelling Evidence

Change Mosely's mind about the Voodoo Murders Case

Feverish Day Five

Complete Day 5

Breaking and Entering

Keeping the Beat

Coffin Rigger

Now You're Speaking My Language!

Leave your own Voodoo code message

Slithering Day Six

Complete Day 6

The Shadow Hunters

Have a long chat with Wolfgang

A Fallen Friend

Dragon Fire

Solemn Day Seven

Complete Day 7

Every Good Castle Has a Secret Passage

Open a secret door

Paper Trail

Complete your research

Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

Take in a snake dance performance

Enlightened Day Eight

Complete Day 8

Gotta Get 'Em All

Collect all the tiles

Fortune's Son

Have your fortune told

Pitfall Harry Would Be Proud!

Get past the mummies like a true adventurer!

Knotty Day Nine

Complete Day 9

Express Elevator to Hell

Enter the secret Voodoo Hounfour

Strength in Numbers

Mercy is the Better Part of Valor

Triumphant Day Ten

Complete Day 10

Novice Schattenjäger

Voodoo Studies 101

Exhaust Dr. John on the topic of Voodoo

Grandma's Boy

Compliment Gran as thoroughly as she deserves

No Mercy

Solo Mission

Master Schattenjäger