King's Bounty: Dark Side achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Bane of Life

Deal a total of 100,000 damage points


Lose 1,000 troops


Destroy 100 enemy troops

Looking for Trouble

Receive 500,000 damage points in one game


Organize a fan club


Collect 50 artifacts and items during one game


Defeat 25 enemy armies in a row without replenishing your army

Amateur Jeweler

Open 100 chests during your travels


Get 15 medals (at least 1st level ones)


Train all the talents in your class tree (at least to level 1)

Reckless Fighter

Win 25 fights without using the Spell Book


Take 10,000 prisoners

High Mage

Inflict 300,000 magic damage during one game

Large Escort

Gather all the companions


Accumulate at least 10,000,000 gold


Get the following achievements: Greedy, Collector, Heartless, Amateur Jeweler


Complete all Research Department quests

Cool Warrior

Win 25 fights without using Rage skills

Innovations Enthusiast

Complete all Department of Experimental Weapons quests


Get the achievements Bane of Life, Fighter, Butcher, Cool Warrior and Looking for Trouble

Honorable Engineer

Complete all Engineering Department quests


Complete all Magic Department quests

Transformations Master

Get the Metamorph for your army

Lights Out!

Defeat the Spirit of Light before 10th round

Master Trainer

Increase any 2 attributes of your troops to the maximum level

Appearances Are Deceptive

Get the ogre girl for your army

Master Player

Raise your character to the maximum level

Demons’ Era

Complete the game with the Demoness class on Normal difficulty or higher

The Undead Will Live

Complete the game with the Vampire class on Normal difficulty or higher

Great Artifacts Have Great Power

Collect all the 12 Great Artifacts of Netana

Deputy Field Marshal

Complete all Military Department quests


Collect any complete set of items.

Strength and Rage

Complete the game with the Orc class on Normal difficulty or higher


Complete the game on Impossible difficulty

Mad Courage

Defeat the Spirit of Light in the final battle without using your Spell Book.

The Sky’s the Limit

Increase all improvable attributes of your troops to level 3


Get the achievements High Mage, Mad Courage, Reckless Fighter