Mystery Mine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Hello, World

Complete the 1st level

Bat Beater

Kill the Giant Bat


Find all colletable items in the Cave


Defeat the Spirit of Mine

Careful Miner

Find all collectable items in the Mine

Frosty Secrets

Find all collectable items in the Deep Mine

Wise Warrior

Kill 5 different types of monsters using their weaknesses

The Phantom

Defeat the weird Phantom


Open one of the game endings

Hot Diggety!

Find all collectable items in the Underworld


Find all collectable items

The Hawk’s Eye

Find all secret places in the game

The Saviour

Open one of the game endings

Wall of Power

Complete the quest "Wall of Power"

Lucky One

Get every effect in game for once