Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Baby Indy

Find 1 secret room

The First Step

Play 1+ hour

Everybody Has To Start

Complete 1 quest

Men 1 Orcs 0


Kid Indy

Find 5+ secret rooms

Progressive Gamer

Complete 6+ quests

Slimy Things

The Examiner

150+ items found

Cyclop King Slayer

Bear Queen Slayer

Run Dragon, Run

Dragon Heroes

Defeat Dragon of Malice

Raflesia Queen Slayer

More Kills than GFs!

Dat Effort

Millennium Addict

Spend 40+ hours on the game

Perfect Bug

Avenger Slain

Slayin' Salo

Uzra Empress Slayer

Great Explorer

20+ secret rooms found

Dat CraaAAazy Effort!

J 'n J

The King is Dead!


Kill all animal kings

Lord of the Slayers

Mermaid Life

Basket Case

Find 55+ XP baskets

Tru Blood

Indy Jones Learned From Me

All secret rooms found

Quest God

All quests completed

Great Samaritan

Hard Mode Completed

Trinite Slayer

Sir Honey Smacker

Sherlock Learned From Me

Complete the game fully (all quests, secret rooms and animal kings)

Little with a Big Heart

Soul Incarmal Slayer


Held more than 99,000 Gold

Master of Time

Finish the game in less than 13 hours in Hard Mode

Myst Veteran

1000+ fights