Vampyr achievement guide & roadmap


Some missable and some collectible achievements, and many details as yet unknown, but this looks to be a pretty reasonable set of achievements for a single player ARPG type game.


Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

1 missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

Guide 17% complete - please help finish it



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From here to eternity

Story, Unmissable,

Unlocked automatically at the end of the tutorial section when you 'go to sleep' in bed...

At dawn we row

Story, Unmissable,

Take a ride with Doctor Swansea

Work in progress

Objective, Optional,

Upgrade a weapon

That's better

Objective, Optional,

Upgrade a weapon with a module

Merciful release


Let Clay live during your first meeting with him

Interview with the vampire

Take care of Dorothy's fate

Pest control

Grind, Optional,

Eat 10 rats

You'll start encountering rats during chapter 1, when you see them scurrying around on the floor just look down and interact to munch on them.

Hippocratic oath


Heal 10 citizens

Defeat the beast

Defeat Fergal

Sacrificial lamb

Take care of Sean's fate

Hail Mary

Defeat Mary

Just take a bite


Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him

Solid metal gear

Grind, Optional,

Upgrade a weapon to level 5

Death on stage

Defeat Doris

Prepare to die

Take care of Aloysui's fate

Bury the hatchet

Defeat McCullum

The Dying Swansea

Take care of Swansea's fate

Unnatural Disaster

Defeat The Disaster

A taste for blood

Story, Unmissable,

Complete the game!

Anarchy in the UK

Objective, Optional,

Turn a district to hostile status

Not even once

Objective, Missable,

Finish the game without killing any citizens. Yeah, this is very missable!

Unlife is strange


Save this poor plant with water

In chapter 4, you'll go to the West End district. In a building opposite Kimura Tadao's house you'll find the pure water. The building is kindof between West end and Whitechapel on the map, just under where the line curves back up to vertical.

Once you've got the water, the plant is in your office at Pembroke Hospital - water it. Then sleep for 3 or 4 nights. It should then have grown leaves - interact with it to get the achievement.

It is not yet known whether this achievement is missable - so aim for it when you get to chapter 4.

Bloody roots

Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus

London's burning


Turn all districts to hostile.

Lore keeper


Gather all collectibles

There are 30 in total.

Weaknesses & Vampires: Fire and Sun: The first is in the safe room after the tutorial section, as you enter its in the back left corner on a shelf.

Weapons of choice


Find all off-hand weapons

Keep your distance


Find all ranged weapons

The tools of the profession


Find all melee weapons