Last Hope - Tower Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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A New Hope

Become the savior of the wasteland.


He is tall, handsome and ready to rock & roll!

Ape Business

Slay the evil zombie gorilla attacking the village.

Wrath of the Ancestors

Grandma and Grandpa, strike those zombies!

Mother Nature

Bow before me zombies as I make the earth crumble.

The Chieftain is back!

Help the Chieftain to safely return to the village.


The Stone spirit has been summoned!

La Flama Blanca

Take down the great white vulture roaming the sky.

Go Bigger

If a small turret won't work, try a big one!


Take out a target from far away, making them head pop!

Road Warrior

Gear up! No good can come by following this road.

Wasteland Paradise

It's now safe to take a swim and clean yourself up.

Trucker Stop

Take control over the highway and get rid of the maggot puking trucker.


Force the Witch leave her crypt.

Ready to Fly

A lot of airplanes but no one to fly them.

Wasteland Explorer

He is not only capable of acting in the shadows.

Farmland Cure

If you've gotten poisoned, our medicine man can help you.


Turn up the watts and fry the zombie brain circuits!

A fool

Don't trust anyone who's acting too friendly.

Arena Champion

You are the toughest zombie fighter out there!


Who is in need of both firepower and healing?

Secret Passage

We've been looking everywhere for this!

The Boss

Kill the dark hooded creature you've been hunting.

The Law

Let the justice decide the fate of the zombies.

The Hatmaker

End the reign of the Raider boss who attacked the camp.

Gun Crazy

Equipped with homemade armor, mines and shoguns.


The reign of terror might be finally over!