Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 159 unknown)

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Bantu Wedding

Was there at Enzo and Erine's wedding

Leoritas' Demise

Defeated the Zama looters

Defender of Zama

Defeated those who attacked the city of Zama

Battle of Odane Bridge

Defeated the group of attackers in front of Zama Palace

Wall of the Heart

Erine saved Enzo from Ngarba

Exile from Zama

Spoke to Nama at Figuil

Caloo Opening

Accessed the game menu for the first time

Caaro Aargudan

Read the page about the Caaro Aargudan during Nama's tutorial

iron breathing

Finish 5 battles without using STM items


Make 50 hits during a combat

Nama Purchases

Made purchases at all Figuil's shops before the Nama tutorial

Prince's Ballad

Spoke to all the residents of Zama before the coronation

Honour of the Kori-Odans

Used first Ultimate Legacy against Ngarba

Final Speech

Used all of the Aurions against Dramane at Kajuta Roho


Completed the first Bodiop climb successfully

Rhino's Respect

Shaka's Justice

Defeat Norbert Koross

Nama's Respect

Forced Nama to show her Legacy first

Terror of the Trakas

Defeat at least 25 Trakas

Mr Clean

Finish 10 battles without getting hit

1st Aurionic Pillar

Experience first Aurionic Awakening

Shaka's Punishment

Hit Norbert Koross at least 3 times with Shaka's Anger

Terror of the Ajangas

Defeat at least 25 Ajangas

Flying Lion

Threw the Honour of the Kori-Odans into the air

Disillusioned Woman

Finish the death speech of Onia Koross

Terror of the Traka Trainers

Defeat at least 20 Traka trainers

Queen's Anger

Use Erine's Shango Flames at least 3 times against Onia Koross

Son of Rock

Arrive at city of Isao

Marriage Bonds

Use Erine's support 100 times


Finish 10 battles without using Erine

Nabi's Respect

Force Nabi to use all of his Aurionic Legacies

Isao Dignitary

Finished all the quests from the dignitary Bilandil

Ukungu Damu

Listened to the explanation of Ukungu Damu and Isao's dilemmas


Try at least 10 different types of food

2nd Aurionic Pillar

Experienced the second Aurionic Awakening

Merry Widow

Headsman's Justice

Beat the Wamba team with the blood pact in the Bouake Mine

Bouake Escape

Get out of the Bouake Mine Prison

King's Avenger


Use 10 Ultimate Legacies in a game

Aurionic Link

Have read the discussion about how Aurionic Links work

Saviour of Isao Merchants

Protector of the Bohiris


Auri-Om Griot

Finished the discussion with Eniki about Maïsha's birth

Norbert's Respect

Focus your Legacy after Norbert Koross

Bilandil's Gratitude

Donga Champion

Force Dramane to show his Aurionic Legacy first at Isao

Saba's Queen

Finished the first audience with the queen of Saba

Kâ-Auri Awakening

Completed Eniki's fusion tutorial


Found Dark Aurion


Found Light Aurion

Ice Melt

Stop Nimrud's gold rush attack with unleashed fury

Isao Hero

Saved everybody in the Isao war

Isao Soldiers' Respect

Terror of the Wambas

Defeat at least 25 Wamba soldiers


Eliminate any Boss without going into Aurion mode

Terror of the Manyang

Defeat at least 25 Manyang ants

Prince of the Bojaas

Win the fight against Dramane at Isao

Shakaï Sage

Finish the Shakaï Pillar puzzle in less than 5 attempts

Griots' Will

Opened the forked passage in Shakaï Lituba

First Bath

Swum for the first time in Shakaï Lituba

Bouake Prison

Activated the merchant via Bouake's Caloo

Terror of Ney-Ogum

Defeat at least 15 Ney Ogums


Found Lightning + Earth Aurion

Top of the Elobis

Reached the highest position of the Elobis at Wasao

Origins of the Koross

Listened to the Koross Origin story


Have eaten at least 20 different types of food


Found Fire + Water Aurion

Light of the Veil

Defeat Palak Koross

Conquerors of Ney-Karou

Kâ-Auri Fusion

Discovered all the fusions possible with the first 2 Pillars

Ney-Karou Colours

Finish the Ney-Karou colour puzzle in less than 5 attempts

Elorin's Respect

Forced Elorin to focus the Ney-Auri before gathering your Legacy

Extended Family

Saved Eniki's brethren at Souleyris Lituba


3rd Aurionic Pillar

Experienced the 3rd Aurionic Awakening

Full-bodied Palm Wine

King's Wrath

Use the Anger Ultimate Legacy against Wambara

Sea Legs

Accessed the intercontinental boat menu for the first time


Found Lightning Aurion

Heir of Souleyris

Perform the Souleyris Ultimate Legacy against Elorin Karou

Friend of the Bouto Spirits

Finished the spirits' puzzle at Bouto Lima mountain


Found Ice Aurion

Global Aurion

Bouto Lima Master

Defeated Daruba Sopir

Terror of the Mout-Mouts

Defeated at least 50 Mout-Mout rebels

Wasao Hero

Terror of the Koulams

Defeated at least 30 Koulam rebels

Ntu Bridge Conqueror

Finish the Ntu Bridge battle

Sopir's Respect

Forced Daruba Sopir to focus all his Legacies

Terror of the Kayas

Defeated at least 30 Kaya rebels

Key to Ediang

Terror of Karou Soldiers

Defeat at least 25 soldiers from Elorin's army


Find 100 hidden Caloos

Touop's Respect

Forced Touop Daruba to focus all his Legacies

Manyang Frost

Use Gombe Iceberg at least 8 times with Erine during Bouake prison break

The Truth

Eternal Emoja

Sacred Ngondo

Reached the final room in the Tomb of the Kori-Odans

Total Awakening

Experienced the 4th Aurionic Awakening

Sidune's Respect

Forced Daruba Sidune to focus all his Legacies


Found Fire + Air Aurion

Dehkina's Awakening

Followed the conversation with Dhekina on Kah-Bawanga

Kajuta Roho

Had a conversation with the Head Griot about Kah-Bawanga

Nama's Vision

Followed the conversation with Nama on Kah-Bawanga

Multi Skilled Aurionic

Use 3 Aurions against Malik Bilaore

Bojaa Shield Breaker

Survived the first long Kah-Bawanga battle

Out of the Frying Pan

Survived the third long Kah-Bawanga battle


Found Ice + Lightning Aurion

Terror of the Abadjis

Defeated at least 10 Abadjis

Ewondo Queen

Eliminate 2 bosses with Erine

Terror of the Xangaloos

Defeated at least 10 Xangaloos

Terror of the Malawas

Defeated at least 10 Malawas

Rhino Tamer

Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Completed game


Found Fire + Earth Aurion


Found Water + Earth Aurion

Terror of the Moyos

Defeated at least 30 Moyo rebels


Found Air + Earth Aurion

Kâ-Auri Expert

Found all the fusions possible with 3 Pillars


Found Fire + Earth + Air + Water Aurion

Royal Punishment


Found Water + Fire + Earth Aurion

Saved the Orphans

Bassa Queen

Eliminate 20 enemies with Erine

Terror of the Marabouts

Defeated at least 8 Marabouts


Found Air + Fire + Earth Aurion

Return to Your Roots

Returned to visit Zama for the first time since the exile

Dramane's Respect

Force Dramane to use all his Legacy at Kajuta Roho


Found Air + Earth + Water Aurion

Terror of the Karou Rabshas

Defeat at least 25 heavy soldiers from the Karou army

Full Awareness

Found Light + Dark Aurion

Shaka's Calm

Stop Nimrud's gold rush attack with Shaka's anger

Respect of Palak

Push Palak to gather the Ney-Auri without yourself beeing in Aurionic state.

Onia's Respect

Focus your Legacy after Onia Koross


Use 120 Ultimate Legacies in a game


Try 50 Aurionic fusions

Nimrud's Respect

Focus your Legacy after Nimrud Koross

Lion and Eagle

Use Enzo's real Ultimate Legacy against Dramane

Wambara's Respect

Focus your Legacy after Wambara Koross

Aurionic warrior

Terror of the Karou Elites

Defeat at least 25 elite soldiers from the Karou army

Link's Respect

Focus your Legacy in the right order against Dramane at Isao

Kâ-Auri Master

Discovered every Aurion in the game

Rightful Heir

Return of the Shadows

Use the Vengeful Legacy after Elorin Karou focused his Ney-Auro


Good Son

Showed Nabi Kori-Odan 2 Pillars

Last Man Standing

Focus your Water Legacy after Wambara focused his Legacy

Terror of the Ney-Croco

Defeated at least 25 Ney Crocos

Return to Isao

Entered Isao after Wasao

Terror of Kah-Wangaa

Fought at least 15 battles on the Kah-Wangaa world map

Full awakened aurionic

Kah-Isao Terror

Fight at least 15 battles on the Kah-Isao world map

Terror of Kah-Bawanga

Fight at least 15 battles in world map mode in Bawanga


Block 1000 hits times in a game

Ultimate Legacy

Unlocked all the Aurions Ultimate Legacies

Partners in Crime

Get level 60 participation