Koala Kids achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Koalaty Time!

Play game for 10 min in one session.

Meet The Banker!

Meet the banker for the first time (At the end of the level).

Master Has Given Koko A Hat!

Get the first hat.

Eeww I Feel Something Crawling On Me! T_T

Hide in a bush.

What Are you Going To Do Today Napoleon?

Use a dynamite.

Admiral Ackbar Approves!

Use a snare trap.


Lose 20 treasure on death.

Water You Doing?

Use a water bucket.

My Precious!

Collect 8000 total treasure in a world.

Does This Koalafy As Music?

Unlock all band members.

Go On Ahead!

Get all the hats.

Flower Power

Unlock all the flowers.

Good Work Slaves... Eh Um.. I Mean Koala Friends!

Finish building the house.

Completed The Game!

Complete the game in single player. Not necessary to unlock every item.

Complete The Game 100%

Complete the game in single player, unlocking everything.

Completed The Game In Coop!

Complete the game in coop. Not Necessary to unlock every item.

Completed The Game 100% In Coop!

Complete the game in coop, unlocking everything.