Zombie Bowl-O-Rama achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Triple Striker

Three strikes in one game.

Rookie Striker

5 strikes in all games.


No gutterballs were thrown a complete game.

Pinball Wizard

A strike was made using the pinball.

Turkey and Giblets

Three strikes in a row were rolled in a game.

Carnival Game

A strike was made with every zombie being knocked off the lane.

Dead Meat

Throw a strike with a meatball.

Experienced Striker

15 strikes in all games.


Get a strike against rank and file zombies.

Shields Down, Captain

A strike was made against shielded zombies.


A strike was made using a small ball.

1000 Club

Earn 1000 points.

Happily Ever After

Single Player mode was completed.

Strike Master

30 strikes in all games.

Dance Fever

Throw a strike against dancing zombies.


A 200 game was rolled.

Marking Pen

A strike or spare was made in every frame of a game.

Strike King

100 strikes in all games.

Fair Play

Won a game without using any tricks or threats.

300 Club

A perfect 300, 12 strikes in one game.

Freedom Fighter

Free Play mode was completed.