Catch a Falling Star achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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First Star

Deposit your first star


Bump a star with the side of your basket

No bonus for you

Deposit a basket that hasn't been completely filled with stars

Make a full deposit

Deposit a basket full of stars

10th Star

Deposit your 10th star

2 Points!

Bump ice with the side of your basket

A few points

Score your first 100 poitns

Close one!

Bump a star off the side of the screen, saving your life

Small Change

Catch a StarCoin

Medium Change

Catch 10 StarCoins

Small Spender

Make your first purchase with StarCoins


Catch/use an "increase basket speed" power-up

A bit warmer

Catch/use a "less ice" power-up

Secret StarCoins


Catch/use a "no wind" power-up


Catch a "lose a life" penalty


Bump 10 objects with your basket

Basket Space

Buy an increase in space for your basket

Ice cold

Deposit a basket with at least 3 ice

I have the power

Purchase an in-game power-up with Starcoins

I use the power

Use an in-game power-up

Big Change

Catch 100 StarCoins

Some more points

Score your first 500 points

100th Star

Deposit your 100th star

A new look

Purchase a new basket design

Even more points

Score your first 1000 points

Biggest Basket

Buy all the increases in space for your basket

Medium Spender

Spend 500 StarCoins

Go get 'em!

Catch/use 10 "increase basket speed" power-ups

Doing quite well hey!

Score your first 2000 points

Big Spender

Spend 1000 StarCoins

Welcome to the Orient

Unlock the Japan theme

Lots of points

Score your first 3000 points

1000th Star

Deposit your 1000th star

The other 71%

Unlock the Under-the-sea theme

More new looks

Purchase 10 new basket designs


Catch 10 "lose a life" penalties

More than lots

Score your first 4000 points

All the new looks

Purchase all the new basket designs

Money Hoarder

Save 2500 StarCoins

Adrenaline Junky

Catch/use 50 "increase basket speed" power-ups

Star Master

Score your first 4500 points


Score your first 5000 points. NICE!!

Speed Freak

Catch/use 100 "increase basket speed" power-ups