BlackSmith HIT achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Double HIT

Hit&Catch 10 pieces of metal in 2 seconds

Repeatable Smith

Score more than 200 pieces of metal

Relaxed Smith

Hit&Catch 200 pieces of metal in over 60 seconds in a single player game

Barbarian Smith

Unlock Barbarian Smith

Loyal Smith

Launch the game 7 times

Black Character Smith

Fight in multiplayer with Ghost or Pirate

Ogre Smith

Unlock Ogre Smith

Multi Anvil

Fight 10 Times in multiplayer online mode

Sailor Smith

Unlock Sailor Smith

Steamer Smith

Unlock 3 Steam exclusive characters

Precise Smith

Forges with the highest precision and win 240 points exactly

Show how is the real BlackSmith

Win 5 times with different people in multiplayer

Triple HIT

Hit&Catch 99 pieces of metal in 17 seconds

Icebreaker Smith

Win 44 4 players matches

Old School Smith

Beat 25 people by being much faster in 4 players mode

Pioneer Smith

Beat 10 much stronger opponents in mulitplayer