The Alliance Alive HD Remastered achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Not a Novice Anymore!

Defeat 100 enemies in battle

My First Big Monster Hunt

Defeat a big symbol monster for the first time

Everyone gather round!

Assemble 9 main characters

Go Forth!

My First Guild Tower

Build your first Guild Tower

Getting Stronger…

Defeat 500 enemies in battle

Recruit Manager

Scout 50 recruits

The Flying Ark

The Password is…

Give the password to the Black Market

Master Pendragon

Unlock Music mode

Everyone Safe and Sound

Rescue everyone at Hakurei Castle

Order Gem Collector

Gather 50 Order Gems

Everyone REALLY gather round!

See the Ending

Recruit Director

Scout 100 recruits

Portal Master

Open all portals

Millionaire Monarch

Obtain 500,000 So

Chaosium Gem Collector

Gather 100 Chaosium Gems

Battle Master

Defeat 1000 enemies in battle

Talent Tyrant

Acquire 100,000 talent pts

Water Devil Wipeout

Seal all the Water Devil Dens


Reach top rank with any of the guilds

See Sub Ending 1

See Sub Ending 2

Map Master

Obtain all maps

Sigil Meister

Learn all Sigils

Sorcery Meister

Learn all Sorcery spells

Hard-working Player

Destroy All Monsters!

Defeat all big symbol monsters

See All Endings

Speedy Player

Battle Arts Meister

Learn all Battle Arts

Super Speedy Player

Recruit President

Scout all recruits

Alliance Alive

Acquire all achievements