Dungelot : Shattered Lands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 56 unknown)

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Noob Master

Finish first dungeon

I'm a newbie

Open 50 dungeon blocks

Safe place

Reach the 5th dungeon floor

Pocket Money

Collect 25 coins

Bounty Hunter

Slay an Elite monster

Dummy Slayer

Slay 10 Dummies


Click on a mouse

Bat Slayer

Kill 12 Bats


Slay 30 fiends


Cast 10 spells


Open 200 dungeon blocks


Collect 100 coins

Dungeon Master

Open 500 dungeon blocks


Finish 6 dungeons


Finish 6 dungeons


Slay 120 fiends


Cast 30 spells

Undead Beef

Slay Zombie Cow

From Dusk till Dawn

Play as a Vampire

Novice Armorer

Use 20 Iron Ingots


Collect 25 items

Goblin Slayer

Slay 15 Goblins


Collect 300 coins


Cast 60 spells

Famous Bounty Hunter

Slay 15 Elite monsters

Hell of a Diet

Hero must die from starvation

Monster Slayer

Slay 300 fiends

Zombie Slayer

Slay 30 Zombies

Skeleton Archer Slayer

Slay 30 Archers

You no take candle!

Slay 30 Kobolds

Novice Craftsman

Craft 30 items

Orc Slayer

Slay 15 Orcs

Beholder Slayer

Slay 30 Beholders

Slime Slayer

Slay 30 Slimes

Legendary Bounty Hunter

Slay 30 Elite monsters

Apprentice Craftsman

Craft 60 items

Assassins of Kings

Slay Goblin King

Apprentice Armorer

Use 40 Iron Ingots

Wicked Witch

Play as a Witch

Goblin Thrower Slayer

Slay 30 Goblin Throwers

Master Craftsman

Craft 90 items

Ghost Slayer

Slay 30 Ghosts

Shaman Slayer

Slay 30 shamans

Goblin Thief Slayer

Slay 30 Thieves


Finish all Act III Dungeons


Slay 30 Scarabs

Master Armorer

Use 80 Iron Ingots

Bard's Song

Play as a Bard

Mummy Slayer

Slay 30 Mummies

Pharaoh's slayer

Slay Pharaoh

Ghoul Slayer

Slay 30 Ghouls

King of scorpions

Slay 30 Scorpions

Anubis Slayer

Slay 30 Anubises

Sandman cookies

Slay 30 Sandmans

Ogre Slayer

Slay 30 Ogres

Lich Slayer

Slay 30 Liches

Sandworm Rider

Slay 30 Sandworms