Highlands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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The Beginning


Activate all three types of resources.

We All Start Somewhere

Craft your first item.


Attack an enemy with a Molotov Cocktail.


End a battle with a Double Strike.


Craft 10 items.

This is SPARTA!

Kill 300 enemies.

No Survivors

Complete Chapter 2 and leave no enemy alive.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Going Commando

Kill 750 enemies.


Craft 50 items.

You Shall Not Pass!

Prevent the Warlords from leaving the Elevator sector in Chapter 3.

Easy Ride

Complete the game on the Casual or Normal difficulty level.

It's Just a Scratch

Survive an attack that deals 20 or more damage with only 1 Combat Point left.

Finish Him

Deal 150 damage or more in a single strike.

Russian Roulette

Win a battle against an enemy that has as many Combat Points as you.

We Can Handle This Alone

Complete Chapter 1 without recruiting any character in a tavern.

Armed to the Teeth

Raise a character's Combat Points to 75 in battle.


Rescue Sophia and her mechanics in 15 turns or less in Chapter 4, then complete the main objective.


Craft 100 items.

Coming of Age

Raise all the heirs of Arislaan to level 10.


Kill 1500 enemies.

On My Mark

Capture all four factories on the same turn in Chapter 7.

Protected at All Cost

Protect the heirs of Arislaan from damage during battle in Chapter 5.

Stay Safe

Complete Chapter 6 without using Eldrich, Grigori, or Meregan in battle.

Things Are Getting Serious

Complete the game on the Challenging difficulty level.

A Worthy Opponent

Complete the game on the Brutal difficulty level.