Do Not Fall achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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The Worker

Cleared all levels in Mineral Water. (Not include SP level.)

The Pass

Purchased a pass.

The Farmer

Cleared all levels in Milk. (Not include SP level.)

The Mountain Climber

Cleared all levels in Green Tea. (Not include SP level.)

The Adventurer

Cleared all levels in Pineapple Juice. (Not include SP level.)

The Diver

Cleared all levels in Sparkling Water. (Not include SP level.)

Character Purchased

Purchased a character.

The Angel

Cleared all levels in Marshmallow Chocolate. (Not include SP level.)

The Pro

Cleared all SP levels.

The Penguin

Cleared all levels in Shave Ice. (Not include SP level.)

The Agent

Completed all challenges.


Achieved 100% completion.

The God

Cleared all levels with S rank.