Framed Wings achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Adventure Awaits

Started a new game for the first time.

Quest Complete

Completed your very first quest.

Sword Obtained

Obtained your very first weapon.

Faster, Stronger

Gained your first level up.

Shield Obtained

Obtained a shield to defend yourself with.

Boss Terminated

Defeated your very first boss enemy.

Novice Magician

Learned your very first spell.

Sewer Breakout

Escaped from the unpleasant sewer labyrinth.

Truth Seeker

Used the Truth Ribbon to reveal hidden treasure.

Bombs Away

Entered a hidden chamber using a bomb.

Pirate's Life

Defended the pirate ship from an enemy attack.

Bow Obtained

Obtained the bow.

Arena Champion

Cleared all five rounds of the Battle Arena.

Money Vault

Hold a grand total of 10,000 gold.

Open Sesame

Unlocked a sealed chest.

Hot Steel

Crafted the Blaze Sword.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Found an extremely rare ruby.

Glorious Victory

Beat the game.

Welcome Back

Completed the Flight of Fancy quest.

Hidden Evil

Defeated the secret hidden boss.