Alpha Polaris : A Horror Adventure Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Treat a polar bear

A Day in the Arctic

Survive the first day

A Shoulder to Lean on

Check on Nova in the first evening


Observe a nourishing treat

The End

Finish the game

True Gentleman

Discover something intimate

Chef de Cuisine

Create a perfect Bombe Alaska

You are not MacGyver

Use the multitool way too much

Everyday I’m Calculatin’

Successfully use triangulation on the first try


Create a lousy Bombe Alaska

Shootin' Blanks

Jokingly try to shoot Tully

Friend of the Year

Try to shoot Tully


Always check the temperature first thing in the morning

Potty Mouth

Use parser impropriately


Create an OK Bombe Alaska

Chef le Octané

Create a Bombe Alaska with gasoline

Very Strong With Machines

Start the generator on the first try

Parser Hero

Make no mistakes in any of the parser puzzles