Blacksmith achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Make a Tool.

Black and white are all I see.

Make a Weapon

War never changes.

Make some Armour

Keep people alive.

Perfect Hammering

Make an item of exactly 10 quality.

The Originals

Meet Jim, Oof, Eric and Phil.

Oi, you got a license for that mate?

Make a Knife.

The Road to Ironwell

Meet the first six Heroes.

The Iron Age

Defeat the Iron Mines Dungeon.

You're not a knight if you haven't got Armour on

Make Plate Armour.

Power is the old stone building that lasts for centuries

Build all buildings with Phil.

It's far too big to be called a sword...

Make a Greatsword.

The Salt of the Earth

Meet all the Townsfolk of Ironwell.

The Inebriati

Drink two alcoholic drinks in a day. Not a drop more!


Drink too much in a day.

Grandpa's Farm

Unlock all upgrades for the Farm.

Fashion, beep beep

Unlock all Cloth and Leather recipes.

Forge your Story

Choose wisely, the Tool or the Weapon.

Knowledge is Power

Own 20 Hero Books.

Mine, all Mine

Unlock every Mine Node.

Inspired Blacksmith

Make an item of exactly 20 Quality.

Master Blacksmith

Make an item of exactly 15 quality.

Delay the Inevitable

Defeat Ultimo, for now.

7 Dwarves

Complete the Stories of all Dwarf Heroes.

This spell's doom

Unlock all Abilities from Simone and Alf.

He works hard for the money

Dance on the bar at the Inn.

Genkai Toppa

Complete the Stories of Akira, Kage and Raiken.

Heroes and Kings

Meet all the Heroes of Ironwell.


Complete all Stories.

Diversity Quota

Finish Orko's Quest and meet Trader Gob.

Saiko No Burakusumisu

Make an item of exactly 30 Quality.