Microsoft Allegiance achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Yeehaw, Jester's Dead!

Force an enemy pilot to eject.

Lights Out!

Kill an enemy probe. It's not personal, you just don't want them to see the bomber that's right behind you.


You brought tech back to your base. How nice you are to share with the team.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Get picked up in a Pod.

We are not alone!

Be the first to spot the enemy Garrison.


Pick up a pod.

If they build it.

Your first base kill. This achievement was a lot easier than trying to get that mounted.

Nanite Repair

Your nanite cannon repaired the hull of your target. Keep those miners alive and bombers flying!

Blood in the water.

You got your first miner kill. Now go get the rest!

The one that didn't get away.

You got your first constructor kill! Team work makes it happen!

Win 10 Games

Win 10 Games

Enemy Spotted!

Your probe spotted a high value enemy target!

Rank 5

Getting the hang of it yet? No? Yeah that is expected.

House Party!

You captured an enemy base! Party like you stole it!

Force 100 Pilots to Eject

Force 100 Pilots to Eject

Beta Tester!

Played in one or more games during the pre-launch beta test between 9/5/17 and 9/16/17. Thanks for helping us shake out the bugs!

Rank 10

Achieve Rank 10

Win 50 Games

Win 50 Games

Win 100 Games

Win 100 Games

Kill 50 Miners

Kill 50 Miners