Funklift achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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It's a Tactic

Score by driving into the chute.

Amateur Operators License

Score 5000 points in a single game.

I lift

Stack 5 items.

Express Delivery!

Deliver an item within 16 seconds.

Long Live the King

Drop another player in the chute.

Living On the Edge

Fall into the chute 10 times in a single game.

5 out of 5 Toasters

Deliver 5 bonus-toasters in a single game.

We Must Build Higher

Stack 10 items.


Score 3000 points in one drop off.

Intermediate Operators License

Score 10 000 points in a single game.

Hang In There!

Play 30 games.

The Fellowship of the Fork

Deliver a bonus-toaster in 4-player cooperative play.

Shelf-ish Action

Deliver a shelf.


Play 50 games.

Forklift Can Into Space

Stack 15 items.

I'm a Huge Fan

Play 100 games.

The Two Towers

Build two towers each containing 15 stacked items.

Master Operators License

Score 25 000 points in a single game.

Expert Operators License

Score 20 000 points in a single game.


Score 5000 points in one drop off.

It's Over 9000!

Score 10 000 points in one drop off.

I Just Really Hate Shelves

Deliver 10 shelves.