Professional Farmer 2017 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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A Brand New Dawn

Complete the Tutorial

Architect (Wheat)

Upgrade the Wheat Silo to Level 3

Pull Away

Own all trailers

Architect (Canola)

Upgrade the Canola Silo to Level 3

Architect (Barley)

Upgrade the Barley Silo to Level 3

Architect (Rye)

Upgrade the Rye Silo to Level 3


Own 40 pigs

A Whole Lotta Room

Upgrade all Silos to Level 3


Own 300 chicken


Own 5 fields


Own 60 cows

Only Rooster in the Yard

Sell 600 chicken


Own 250 sheep

Piggy Bank

Sell 100 pigs

Wool Worth

Sell 500 sheep

My First Dime

Earn 150,000 €

One Big Missed Steak

Sell 120 cows


Earn 1,000,000 €

Entrepreneur of the Year

Reach an account balance of 5,000,000 €

Make the World Go 'Round

Complete one whole growing cycle

Make a Living

Earn 2,500,000 €

Which are Mine?

Own 10 fields

Motor Pool

Own all tractors


Own all equipment

Fully Equipped

Own all available machinery

Real Estate

Own 15 fields

Architect (Corn)

Upgrade the Corn Silo to Level 3

Amber Waves of Grain

Own all fields

I Think I Get It Now

Complete 15 whole growing cycles

A Real Farmer

Complete 50 whole growing cycles