Boneless Zombie achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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First Move

Even if he can’t walk. (Roll to move.)

What He Doesn’t Have

Did he have them to begin with? (Get “bone.”)

Energy Drink

This is his lifeline. (Get “life pod.”)

The First Gate

The first step in a great escape story! (Clear Stage 1.)

Has he warmed up enough?

Don’t forget to stretch. (Get real, he’s got no bones.) (Stretch his arms and legs a total of 100 times.)

Second Death

Can zombies even die? (Die by a method other than self-destruct.)


Why is the self-destruct switch... (Use self-destruct.)

Never Give Up

He’ll rise again as often as it takes. (Retry 50 times.)

Introduction to Bone Collecting

He picked up scattered bones. (Acquire all the bones in 5 stages.)

Nice Shot

He can play ball, too. (Put a ball through the goal.)

Trolley Buddy

Head through the goal together. (Clear a stage while holding onto a trolley.)

Great Escape?

The conclusion of the great escape? (Clear the final stage.)

Own Goal

Score one for the enemy! (Go through the goal while holding the ball.)

My Name Is John.