KRUNCH achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Don't be touched by a Haunt in "Life of the Party"

Sewer Dweller

Conquered the Sewers for the first time

Speed Machine

Conquer "Haste Makes Waste" in under 15 seconds

Bling Bling

Collect all Krebs in "Deep Pockets"

Miner's Canary

Conquered the Mines for the first time


Laser Dash

Complete "MicroShock" in less than 20 seconds

Laser Dodger

Conquered the Tech Bay for the first time

Super Meat Boy

Which Way is Up?

Collect all Krebs and finish "Operational Core" in under 25 seconds

Fire Golem

Conquered the Boiler for the first time


Conquered KRUNCH for the first time


Flying Solo

Collect all Krebs in "The Wind Tunnel"

Nooks and Crannies

Collect all Krebs in "Dealing with Bullies" without being touched by a Haunt


Complete "Through the Crucible" without catching fire

Hurry Up and Wait

Collect all Krebs and complete "Security Checkpoint" in under 15 seconds




Balls to the Wall

Complete "Synchronized Boosting" in less than 15 seconds

Back Around Again

Collect all Krebs and complete "Led Astray" in under 25 seconds


Survive "The Meat Grinder" without touching a saw


Race the smasher in "Debris Crusher"

Flushed Riches

Collected all Krebs in the Sewers


Collect all Krebs in "Hell on Wheels" without being touched by a saw

V for Ventero

Play KRUNCH for more than 5 hours


Hidden Passages

Find and collect all Krebs in "Combustion Intake Pipe"


Collected all Krebs in the Mines

Tight Fit

Collect all Krebs and finish "Haywire" in under 15 seconds


Conquer KRUNCH in less than an hour in a single run

The K-PULVerizer

Collect 5,000 Krebs overall

Forgotten Fortune

Collected all Krebs in the Tech Bay


Collected all the Krebs in KRUNCH

Smelted Treasure

Collected all Krebs in the Boiler

Sludge Racer

Conquer the Sewers in under 7 minutes in a single run


Last Second Hero

Experience death 1,000 times overall

Lab Rat

Conquer the Tech Bay in under 10 minutes in a single run

Metal Slugger


Dirk Rugged the First

Earn a score of 14,151,829 or more in the Leaderboards

Crime of Passion

Flame Broiled

Nom Nom Nom

Survey Scurry

Conquer the Mines in under 10 minutes in a single run

Slippery Prey

Outrun Slugger in under 1 minute

Dark Underdog

Play KRUNCH 100 times overall

Hot Foot

Conquer the Boiler in under 13 minutes in a single run