Meltys Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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My Quest Begins Here!

Give the Red Potion to Rudolf.

The Start Of A Very Beautiful Journey

You lost on purpose didn't you.

A Girl's First Iron Ore

Mine an iron ore.

Helllooo Nurse

Wear the Nurse Uniform.

That was Fun


Graduation Congratulations

Help someone prepare for their graduation.

My Battle Outfit

Wear Meltys's new favorite battle outfit.

Slayer of Chickens

Defeat a chicken. Wow.

Rothstein the Hero

Save the world.

Fit For A Hero

Time to kick some butt!

Rest In Pieces

Slay a relic of the past.

Princess of Kingdom Come

Achieve bliss a total of 100 times or more.

Birthday Suit

Wear only what you were born with.

Home Sweet Home

Complete the rebuild of Castle Rothstein.

This is gonna be handy.

Learn a Skill from using an Item.

Why not I suppose.

Pick the fourth option while talking to Zanelli.

Sachinama's Favorite

Wear the JK Clothes.

Syrup comes in all types.

Read Garnet's letter.


Pointless, useless, futile, meaningless.

A Guide to the Galaxy

Obtain the secret outfit.

Yay. Now I've Done It Twenty Times

Give life twenty times.

Pretty Woman

Meet the wandering swordsman while having done the oldest profession in the game five times or more.

Old Foes New Challenges

Face the first boss of True Princess Mode.

Love Conquers All

Defeat the final boss while only using Love Shot or Love Wave to do damage to the final boss.


Got Milk?

Kogal Powah!

Defeat the final boss on True Princess Mode.

Pure Princess

Get the Pure Ending while in Princess Mode.

Making Up For Lost Time

View the hidden ending.

The True Succubus Devil

Defeat the secret boss on True Princess Mode.


Oh hey, didn't see you there.

Sword of Kings

Obtain the sword of a king.

Lucky Sevens

Have exactly 7 in all three cream related experiences.


See all six endings.

The Love Doctor

Defeat Dark Globbers while only using Love Shot or Love Wave to do damage.

The Venus Flytrap

Let Dark Pietra defeat herself.

Mano a Mano

Defeat Dark Limey using only Strike skills, Guard or Items.

Housewife Wars: The Trilogy

Defeat Dark Lilf while wearing an Apron.

The Supreme Kogal

Defeat D.M.U. on True Princess mode without retreating during the fight.