Decay - The Mare achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Get Out

Get out of your own room.

Got Item

Pick up an item.

Red Butterfly

Meet the red butterfly.

The Blinking Eyes

Complete the blinking eyes puzzle.

The Fan

Complete the fan puzzle.

The Sledgehammer

Get the sledgehammer.

Break the Wall

The Bag

Finish the conversation with the bag in episode 1.

The Maze

Find your way through the maze.

The Chair

Master of Drawings

Complete the drawings puzzle.

Time is an Illusion

Complete the clock puzzle.

Decay Master 1

Complete the first episode.

First Shot

Code Finder

Unlock the first door in episode 2.

Button Master

Complete the buttons puzzle.


Complete the second code lock puzzle in episode 2.

The Metal Box

Unlock the metal box in episode 2.

Nail Collector

Find all the nails.

Hurt Teddy

Jack's Body

Broken Table

Get the table near all the photos to break.

Meet Jack

Talk to Jack.

Plate Master

Complete the puzzle with the plates in episode 2.

Decay Master 2

Complete the second episode.

Time Traveller


Unlock the box with the circles in episode 3.

Rafael's Confession


Ball Collector

Collect all of the balls in episode 3.


Complete the puzzle with the coloured balls.

Zombie of the Dead

Watch the scariest movie ever!


Find Tory in episode 3.


Complete the puzzle with the symbols in episode 3.

Decay Master 3

Complete the third episode.

The Knife

Get the knife in episode 3.

Good Ending

Get the good ending in episode 3.

Bad Ending

Get the bad ending in episode 3.

Coin Collector 2

Collect all coins in the second episode.

Hidden Text

Find all the hidden text in episode 2.

Coin Collector 1

Collect all coins in the first episode.

Coin Collector 3

Collect all coins in the third episode.