Rocket League achievement guide & roadmap


A fun semi-casual action sports game. Most achievments are grind or objective based, all are pretty straightforward and none are missable.

Most achievements can be earnt offline, exceptions are {{Barras Bravas}}, {{Natural Progression}}, {{My World is Fire}}, {{Good Times}} and {{Coming On Strong}}


Single and multi-player

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

1 missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Customize one slot on a single Battle-Car

You can do this before even your first race - head into the garage and customise something, anything.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score your first Goal


Pick-Me Up

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Collect 5 Items

Triple Threat

Objective, Optional,

Win a 3v3 game

Easiest against the AI in single player, Amateur difficulty.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Use your Rocket Boost for a total of 5 minutes

You'll get this soon enough - just a cumulative 5 mins of turbocharging.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Drive on the dome walls for a total of 5 minutes

You'll get this soon enough while working for the others - its not worth paying particular attention to.

Clean Sheet

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a game without giving up a single Goal

Easiest in a 1v1 single-player against amateur bots.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a total of 5 games across any mode

Minute to Win it

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailing

You should get this sooner or later just by playing, preferably online.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Play a game on Utopia Coliseum

Battle-Car Collector


Unlock all Battle-Cars

Pitch Veteran

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Play a total of 20 games across any game mode

Double Up

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a 2v2 game

See also {{Clean Sheet}} and {{Triple Threat}}

Barras Bravas

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Play an Online game with a Friend

Grease Monkey

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Customize every slot on a single Battle-Car

Easy to do from the beginning; head into the garage and on each tab just choose a different item. If you've nothing to select... some matches to unlock items or get some DLC.

Still A Show-Off

Objective, Optional,

Score a goal while reversing

You don't actually have to be going backwards for this - you can be travelling forwards, go under the ball to end up just in front of it, and hold reverse to slow and tap the ball with your rear end - kicking it up into the air. This can be an easier way to get the achievement (even accidentally!) than trying to actually drive backwards!

Speed Demon

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single match

There are 6 orbs around the pitch; in each corner and diagonally opposite to the goals - picking up one charges the boost to 100%. Then hold the boost button to empty it.

This is easiest done in a bot match when you've already got whatever points/goals/lead you need and you just want to keep the ball in play until the end.



Play in every Rocket League® stadium

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Helen's Pride

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score 6 Goals in a single game

Easiest single player against amateur AI; especially if you boost straight toward the ball at kickoff and get an angle for an on-target shot. Sometimes the AI will leave one car back in defence but most of the time you can get the goal straight from kickoff!

Drops in the Bucket

Grind, Anywhere,

Collect 50 Items

Super Victorious

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a total of 30 games across any game mode

Break Shot

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball

Singles Club

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a 1v1 game

See also {{Clean Sheet}} and {{Triple Threat}}

All Fours

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a 4v4 game

See also {{Clean Sheet}} and {{Triple Threat}}


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game

This will be surprisingly easy if you play the field. To assist, you must be the last person to hit the ball before somebody else (on your team) puts it in the goal. In each of these cases you'll know they happened because you'll get points for doing it and this will show on-screen.

Rider's Block

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Make 20 Saves

Know the Drill

Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Complete a Practice Drill

In the training menu off the main menu. You'll get this on the way to {{Drill Sergeant}}


Objective, Optional,

Play an Exhibition match

Far, Far Away...

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Drive a total of 50 km


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime

Budding Artist

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Collect a Painted Item

Painted items, like Certified items, are a random drop after playing online matches. Painted items are like normal ones, but a different colour (surprise, surprise!). They are named differently too; e.g. painted wheels are listed as Exotic, painted bodies/boosts are listed as Import, and painted toppers are listed as Uncommon.

Good Times

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Head to Champions Field and complete an Online game

Brave the Elements

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and in outer space

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Sky High

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score an Aerial Goal

For an Aerial goal, the ball has to be in the air and you have to be in the air. Once you Git Gud then this will be obvious - but its pretty hard as you start out. Use the practise drills to work it out - but ofc practise won't get you this achievement.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Collect 150 Items

You'll get this naturally by just continuing to play and complete matches.

Infinite Power!

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Activate every power-up in Rocket League® Rumble

Select the Rumble game mode in an exhibition match. A random powerup is awarded each time the countdown runs out. Eventually you'll get all 11. Be sure to use them quickly so you can get the next one.

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SARPBC Forever

All-the-things, Anywhere,

Play with both classic Battle-Cars (Octane and Backfire)

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Coming On Strong

Grind, Optional, MP-only,

Score or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches

The Streak

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win 10 games in a row across any mode

Easiest in single player against bots - but likely 1v1 as the bots are a liability in themselves if they're on your team...

Feather in Your Recap

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Watch a save file in Replay mode

After an exhibition match, hit the Save Replay option, then start to watch it immediately.

Perfect Start

Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Win your first game of the Season

Start a Season in the single player section, and win the first match. Easy!

Rank Up


Complete all placement matches in any Competitive Playlist

Rocket Genocider

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Make 535 Shots on Goal

Storm Trooper

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Equip a Very Rare Item and complete a game in an Arena with turbulent weather

Drill Sergeant

All-the-things, Optional, SP-only,

Complete every Practice Drill (any difficulty)

In Training off the main menu - do the three role-specific pieces. You'll get {{Know the Drill}} on the way to this. Any difficulty is fine, you don't have to score/save all goals, you just have to get to the end of all 10 shots.

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Mad Scientist

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Play a complete match in 3 different Rocket Labs Arenas

Prototype/in-development arenas with a VR/tron-like look and feel.

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Trade Secret

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Trade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality

Team Player

Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Play against every team in a Season

You'll get this automatically during the course of a season; its inevitable.

Icing the Cake

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

In Snow Day, score a goal from your own side of the ice

Family, Not Friends

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Play a complete game with both Dominus and Takumi

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Complete the regular Season

Swap Meet

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction

One Better

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Increase the level of a Certified Item

Certified items are car cosmetics that are randomly awarded after online matches. You can see in the garage as they'll say Certified in the info panel - along with whatever you need to be doing in an online match to level it up. Equip, and do it! You'll get this on the way toward {{Certifiable}}

Damage Control

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a Dropshot match via shutout

Shutout means you win and the opposing team doesn't score any goals. Easiest in 1v1 against a rookie bot offline.

Stopped Cold

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Freeze an opponent's shot before it can score


Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Win the Season Championship

An Inch and 6.2 Miles

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Drive 10 km with either the Cristiano or Spinner Wheels

Don't Look Back

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Use the Burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost for a total of 10 minutes

Left Wing, Right Wing

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange teams

Registered Voter

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Head to 'Arena Preferences' and use all of your votes

Head into multiplayer (you don't have to actually play!), and select Arenas - in there use all your Like and Dislike votes and the achievement will pop. This just takes a few seconds to do and can be done anytime!

Buzzer Beater

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing

Fast Break

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Score at least 2 Dunks in the first minute of a Hoops game


Grind, Optional, MP-only,

Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item

Buckminster x10

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot

This is quickest to grind through in 1v1, against a bot. It'll likely take 3-4 games, and help you toward {{Full Course}} at the same time.

Ride or Die

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Equip both Dominus and Takumi with a new Decal and Paint Finish, then win a game

Decals are car-specific so anything you can put on each of these cars is fine.

Supersonic Fury DLC pain finishes are: Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent and Wood.

Natural Progression

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Win an Online Match with Scarab or Zippy

Try to get this at the same time as {{Hot Shot, Part Two}}



Equip the Halo Topper and win a match on Starbase ARC

Hot Shot, Part Two

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Win the MVP award using Scarab or Zippy

My World is Fire

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

Equip any Chaos Run item and win a 4v4 Online match

Sea Turtle


Head to AquaDome and score a goal while flipped on your back

Full Course

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot

AS with many of these achievements - likely easiest 1v1 against a rookie bot offline.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Make 50 total "Shots on Goal" using Grog or Ripper

Drift King

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

Perform a 180 powerslide with both the Cristiano and Spinner Wheels

Use the takumi car, do a full circle drift in each wheels - can be done quickly in a bot match.

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Use the Accelerato Boost with an original Battle-Car while playing in a SARPBC-inspired arena


Grind, Anywhere,

Unlock All Original Achievements

Winning is Winning

Objective, Soft-missable, SP-only,

Win a Season Championship using Dominus or Takumi in every game

Its a bit easy to forget about this one if you don't do the season all in one go! Make sure you remember to change back to the right car if you've been doing other things...

Join the Club!

Create or Join a Rocket League Club


Grind, Optional, SP-only,

With Ripper, Score 10 Goals against Pro-level Bots or higher

Easiest in 1v1

Psycho-Master Exploder

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Equip the Mohawk and Demolish 3 opposing Bots in the Wasteland

Survival of the Fittest

Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Equip the Shark Fin Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match


Objective, Optional, SP-only,

Win a game against All-Star Bots with the Hearts Decal equipped


Grind, Optional,

With Grog, Score 10 Goals against Pro-level Bots or higher

Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!


Equip the Bubbles Rocket Trail and Score an Aerial goal, while playing in AquaDome

Squad Goals

Score a Goal while in a Club Match (Online Matchmaking only)

Best of the Bunch

Earn the MVP award in any Online Tournament match

People Person

Play and complete 10 Online matches with one or more Clubmates

Together is Better

Play and complete an Online match with one or more Clubmates

New Challenger

Join and complete an Online Tournament match