Royal Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Merciless Warrior

Destroy 1000 enemies

Strategic Genius

Allow only one enemy to attack the base's gates throughout a level


Use 200 spells

Ideal Defender

Complete all levels of an episode with three stars

Margin for Error

Lose three times in a row

Last Hope

Complete a level with one heart remaining

Royal Victory

Earn 180 stars

Master Weaponsmith

Buy all upgrades for one cannon

Monster Kill (DLC)

Kill 5 enemies in one shot

Mighty Mage

Get a magical ability to the maximum level

Impregnable Defense

Build the upgrades of all types of cannons on a single level

Tower Master (DLC)

Complete a level without using spells

End of the Road (DLC)

Complete the game

Total Victory (DLC)

Complete all levels with 3 stars