A Wizard's Lizard achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Defeat the Zombie Warlord in the Cemetery.

These Pipes Are Clean

Defeat the Sewer Hag in the Sewer.

Good Samaritan

Rescue 3 hostages in a single crawl.


Rescue the Wizard from the Crypt.


Defeat Death in the Crypt.

Soul Hoarder

Collect 30 Soul Orbs in one crawl.


Enter the Forest.


Purchase the Skyrocket weapon from the vendor in Amberfall.

The Floor is Lava

Rescue Luna from the Crypt.

Empty Handed

Without buying anything in town, start from the Cemetery, and exit the Crypt.

Scum and Villainy

Enter the Den of Thieves.

Gold Digger

Collect 100,000 gold in one crawl.

Born to Fight

Rescue Moto from the Crypt.

Merchant Murderer

Kill 12 merchants in one crawl.


Rescue Xam from the Arena.

Around the World

Starting from the Cemetery, exit the Crypt after visiting the Forest and Den of Thieves.

Play Dead

Starting from the Cemetery, exit the Crypt without resurrecting.

Gold Cartridge Effect

Rescue the Engineer from the Crypt.

Still Alive

Starting from the Cemetery, exit the Crypt without dying.

Speed Run

Starting from the Cemetery, exit the Crypt in 20 minutes or less.