Ghost 1.0 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 119 unknown)

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Survival 1

Survive alarm level 1.

Survival 2

Survive alarm level 2.

Good Pupil

Complete the tutorial zone

Survival 3

Survive alarm level 3.


Cut a conversation between two droids by posessing one of them.


Collect all souls in a room.

Survival 4

Survive alarm level 4.

Supremacy 2

survive alarm level 2 without being harmed.

Collector #1

Collect 5 powerups.

Green Access

Obtain the complete Green Card

Supremacy 1

Survive alarm level 1 without being harmed.

Survival 5

Survive alarm level 5.


Complete the center zone.


Find one geek item.

Ride in a box

Be carried within a box by a service robot.

Weapon Master

Collect 3 secondary weapons.

Survival 6

Survive alarm level 6.

Supremacy 3

survive alarm level 3 without being harmed.


Supremacy 4

Survive alarm level 4 without being harmed.

Purple Access

Obtain the complete Purple Card

Survival 7

Survive alarm level 7.

Collector #2

Collect 10 powerups.

Big Capacitor

Accumulate 5,000 energy cubes.

Survival 8

Survive alarm level 8.

Total Supremacy

Survive alarm level 5 without being harmed.


Explore the whole greenhouse.

Strange device

Find a hidden strange device.

Survival 9

Survive alarm level 9.

Red Access

Obtain the complete Red Card


Kill a robot throwing it into the Chunker's crushers.

Blow up

Destroy the big biped.

Total Access

Obtain the complete Golden Card

You Win!

Finish the game.

Trolled... again!

Energy Overload

Accumulate 10,000 energy cubes.


Complete the labs zone.

The End

Finish the game in Classic mode.

You Beated it!

Finish the game in Medium or Hard difficulty.


Explore the whole chunker.


Accumulate 15,000 energy cubes.

Survival 10

Survive alarm level 10.

The Sniper

In the first room, destroy all boxes without jumping or walking.


Accumulate 20,000 energy cubes.


Kill 100 enemies in a single game using controlled robots.

Out of service

Find the hidden broken robot.

Boxing King

Defeat 15 or more punks with a single Megapunch.

Survival 11

Survive alarm level 11.

Survival 12

Survive alarm level 12.


Stay 30 seconds crouched during an alarm phase.

Box Up

Destroy 8 boxes with one jump wave.

Plant Girl

Collect all souls in the Greenhouse.

Survival 13

Survive alarm level 13.

Chemical hidden elements

Collect all souls in the Labs.

We did it, reddit!

Took the naming directions too literally.

Survival 14

Survive alarm level 14.

Geek master

Find all geek items.


A service robot is killed for not being polite.

Truffle Shuffle

Collect all souls in the Chunker.

No secrets

Collect all souls in the Center Zone.


Finish the game in Survival mode.

Survival 15

Survive alarm level 15.

Green Survival Expert

Survive all alarms in the greenhouse in Survival mode.

Konnichi Wa

Hail 25 service robots in a single game.

You Lose!

Finish the game with an unhappy ending.

Taking it too far

REALLY took the naming directions too literally.

Survival 16

Survive alarm level 16.

Clearing the path

Survival 17

Survive alarm level 17.

To Know the character

Survival 18

Survive alarm level 18.

You Rocked it!

Finish the game in Hard difficulty.

Survival 19

Survive alarm level 19.

Survival 20

Survive alarm level 20.

Purple Survival Expert

Survive all alarms in the laboratories in Survival mode.

Quick blow up

Destroy the big biped in 10 or less seconds.

Cum Laude

Complete the tutorial zone without being harmed.

Die Hard

Defeat 200 punks.

Blue Survival Expert

Survive all alarms in the center zone in Survival mode.

The Drone Collector

Complete the mission 'The Drone Collector'.


Complete the mission 'Basket'.

Great Survival Master

Survive all alarms in the whole Nakamura space station.

Debug Squad

Complete the mission 'Debug Squad'.

Turret Rush

Destroy 3 turrets in less than 1 second in the 'Aikido' mission.

Shoot for me

Complete the mission 'The Drone Collector' without harming any android or enemy with your pistol.

The Ropes

Complete the mission 'the Ropes'.

Mass destruction

Destroy 8 androids in less than 2 seconds in the 'Leap gun' mission.

Finder keepers

Find the 'Seeking gun' in the mission 'Spread it'.

Respect the boxes

Complete the mission 'The Drone Collector' destroying a maximum of 20 boxes.


Finish the game having selected the last skill of all Nakamura's row as soon as they were available.

Boom Boom Boom!

Complete the mission 'Boom Boom Boom!'.

Drop Box

Complete the mission 'Drop Box'.

Leap gun

Complete the mission 'Leap gun'

Spread it

Complete the mission 'Spread it'.


Complete the mission 'Aikido'.

Wave of destruction

Destroy 100 enemies in the mission 'the Ropes'.


Complete the mission 'Radiation'

Robot Factory

Complete the mission 'Robot Factory'.

Never kneel before the enemy

Complete the mission 'Aikido' without crouching down.

Saving ammo

Complete the mission 'Leap gun' having always 15 or more bullets.

Score Accuracy

Complete the mission 'Basket' having magnetized all your grenades to something. Only 10 misses are allowed.

The floor is lava

Complete the mission 'the Ropes' without touching the ground for more than 10 seconds.

Skills are for noobs

Finish the game without selecting any skill in the Skill Tree.

Cube rush

Gather 3000 or more cubes in the mission 'Spread it'.


Finish the game without killing any neutral service robot.

The Swapper

Complete the mission 'The Swapper'.

The Unshielded Warrior

Complete the mission 'Boom Boom Boom!' without using any shield.

Cut no holes in my box

Complete the mission 'Drop Box' without letting any box be destroyed by a laser.

Posession time

Complete the mission 'Basket' with a maximum of 15 seconds elapsed between each kill.

Never show weakness

Complete the mission 'Boom Boom Boom!' with your HP never running lower than 50%.

Save for later

Complete the mission 'Robot Factory' without using more than 15 drones.

Collecting for nothing

Complete the mission 'Radiation' without using any item (left column in your inventory).

Lead Boots

Complete the mission 'The Swapper' without jumping.

Love is in the air

Be in the air for 8 seconds in the mission 'Drop Box'.

You shall not pass

Complete the mission 'Robot Factory' without letting a single robot escape.

Yuck, don't touch me!

Do not get hurt until you kill 1000 bugs in the 'Debug Squad' mission.


Destroy 32 enemies in the mission 'The Swapper'.

Poo collector

Do not let any energy capsule dropped by bugs be uncollected for more than 20 seconds in the 'Debug Squad' mission.

Setec Astronomy

Find all secrets in the mission 'Radiation'.