Legends of Eisenwald achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Knowledge is power

Complete the tutorial

Dog's stash

Find Red Bestl's stash

I don't recognize you, Yorick

Find the skull of abbot Stefan

Hunt for cynocephalus

Catch Dog-nose

Humble Lion

Deal with Rudolf's kidnappers and give Erich Grauschild a lesson in humility

This is my prey!

Defeat Gustav from Leffe and Manfred Bull Thorn


Buy leeches

Honest and poor

Stand up for your honor until the end

Abbot's beloved

Reunite abbot and his beloved

Friendship with interest

Buy out money-lender Simon

Hell of a thing

Deal with Bruno Grossenhof's devils

Book worm

Read all the books in the Alexander Severlin's library

I went to get some bread

Enter the cursed mill

Maiden's honor

Return the daughter to Marcus the armorer without starting a war with Red Wolves

Bones on the graveyard

Turn to Ewalt's wisdom

Visit the Minotaur

Discover the secret of the Threver Forest

What do you want, new lord?

Summon a spirit without use of spells

Blessing for Blaha

Help Marcel Blaha without starting a war with the diocese


Arrange a meeting of Moritz and the Sleepless Count

At night all cats are gray

Discern your reflection

Geralt's Follower

Reunite Dewalt and Dunstan

Ghost stories for the night

Find proofs of the dusk of one century for prior Moritz

Bloody money

Find the treasure on Claudius' hint

Here we go again!

Get back the icon of St. Killian

Iron Hand

Kill all unruly vassals in Lahnstein

We have a season pass

Take two lessons from the city guard

Cherchez la femme

Deal with Gunther Reike's women

Life is but a game

Play a tie game with Karl the Player

Treasure hunter

Find all treasures in Erzglanz mountains

Two heads are better than one

Get two crowned heads

So what you have one hand?

Defeat the Iron Millstone

You're nothing but a pack of cards!

Outgame Zachary in a game of cards

Red Wolf

Enter the order

Madonna of Mercy

Defeat the Kite

Colossus with feet of clay

Crash the statue of St. Landary


Make Xavier steal the relic

Merchants menace

Take care of the merchants who bother Humboldt Langard

Foster child

Become one of Fichtens

Natural exchange

Exchange all stones in Erzglanz villages

Cursed Jack

Defeat Cursed Jack in Cursed Castle map

Defender of Faith

Be consecrated into a crusader

Plunder the loot

Lay hands on the churchware from the St. Lucius monastery

We will take another road

After finishing Zmiter's quest in Trever, change a side in Rothwald

Doorman's syndrom

Kill everyone at patrolling

I won't be anathematized, will I?

Burn the cathedral being consecrated into a crusader