Asteria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Iron Mining Tool

Craft an Iron Mining Tool

Scratching the Surface

Mine 10,000 Blocks of Material


Kill 100 Enemies

Crawler Crusher

Kill 100 Crawlers

Super Glue Certified

Craft 10 Items

Steel Mining Tool

Craft a Steel Mining Tool

Grim Reaper

Kill 500 Enemies

Diggin In!

Mine 100,000 Blocks of Material


Place 5,000 Blocks

Dragon Slayer

Kill 20 Drakes

Putting It All Together

Craft 50 Items

Disrupting the System

Craft a Disruptor

Copper Mining Tool

Craft a Copper Mining Tool


Kill 1,000 Enemies

General Contractor

Place 10,000 Blocks

You Float My Boat

Kill 10 Floating Turrets

Mover of Mountains

Mine 250,000 Blocks of Material

Silver Mining Tool

Craft a Silver Mining Tool


Kill 10 Grenade Turrets

Fricken' Laser Beams!

Craft a Laser Rifle

Tower Defense

Kill 10 Turrets

You Call That a Knife?

Kill 10 Brunnen

One Crafty Son of a Gun

Craft 100 Items

Gold Mining Tool

Craft a Gold Mining Tool


Craft a Bose Einstein Condenser

Flame Retardent

Kill 20 Flame Drakes

Dodge This!

Craft a Homing Missile

Darksteel Mining Tool

Craft a Darksteel Mining Tool

Noob Tuber

Craft a Grenade Launcher

Master Architect

Place 50,000 Blocks

Adamantium Mining Tool

Craft an Adamantium Mining Tool


Kill 50 Exploders

Obsidian Mining Tool

Craft an Obsidian Mining Tool

Fire! Fire! Fire! I am on Fire!

Craft a Flame Thrower

Where the Gods Dwell

Equip the Keys of the Kingdom

Einsteinium Mining Tool

Craft an Einsteinium Mining Tool