Foul Play achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Amateur Dramatic

Leveled up for the first time


You achieved a x50 combo

Parlour Magician

First Charm unlocked

Undying on Stage

Completed Play 1

You REALLY love me!

You earned your first 5 Star performance


You achieved a x100 combo

Speaking Part!

25 Stars collected

Tested Trouper

Reached Level 6

Thespian Vampire Killers

Completed Play 2

The Tools and the Talent

Played with 2 Charms equipped

Up and Coming!

50 Stars collected

Kraken Show

Completed Play 3

Working the Wire Men

Remained in the air for 15 seconds

A Cult Classic

Completed Play 4

Headline Act!

75 Stars collected

Foul Players

Completed Play 5

The Stagehands Hate Me!

Performed 50 Stage Crasher moves

True Thespian

Reached Level 12

Roughly Tumbled

Performed 50 Cannonball Combos


You achieved a x200 combo

Whitechapel Clairvoyant

6 Charms unlocked


Performed 100 Stunning Piledrivers

Unstoppable Force

Performed 100 Magnificent Combos

You should see my backhand…

Performed 50 Ace Returns

To me, to you

Performed 30 'Heads-Up' moves

Well Rehearsed…

Performed 50 Perfect Scenes

Court Wizard

12 Charms unlocked

Team Player

Equipped 2 Team Charms


All Charms unlocked

Vaudeville Legend!

All Stars collected