Wings of Vi achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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First Encounter!

Your First Secret!

Find a secret.

Run Vi, Run Like The Wind!

Beat Rubi in the obstacle course race.

First Blood!


Read all the stories in the Floating Keep library.


Shield Breaker!



No Way Back!

Watch over the broken bridge.

Gotta Go Fast!

Reach the upper platform in the underwater area in Sinister Grotto.

Kick Grass!

Isn't It Beautiful?

Make all the birds in Vi's home fly away.

Grave Danger!

First Encounter: Flawless!

Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

Talk to a person who hid themself in the caves.

Stone Cold Killer!



Travel below each platform during the first minecart sequence.

Deja Vu!

Double Trouble!

Drive By!

Beat the last segment in the Sinister Grotto while having defeated all spawns of Terravine along the way.

First Blood: Flawless!


Long Live The Queen!

Shocking: Flawless!

Demon Lord Vanquisher?

Defeat Jeh'Oul.


Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul and save the world.

404: Flawless!


Unlock all weapons.

Bejeweled: Flawless!


Kick Grass: Flawless!

Grave Danger: Flawless!

Demon Lord Vanquisher: Flawless!

Defeat Jeh'Oul without taking any damage.

Double Trouble: Flawless!

Long Live The Queen: Flawless!

Stone Cold Killer: Flawless!

Deja Vu: Flawless!

Savior: Flawless!

Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul without taking any damage.