Analogue: A Hate Story achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Hack the Mugunghwa

Successfully gain admin access to a restricted UKSPA computer system.

See you next mission!

Complete your task by downloading the Mugunghwa's log files.

Korean Fusion

Survive near-certain death with your keyboard wizardry!

Maid Her Do It

Play with *Hyun-ae instead of doing your job.

Mai Waifu

You're the first person she's seen in centuries, but it must be true love~

Abusive Jerk

Treat *Hyun-ae with the sort of respect she's used to.

Forever Alone

Abandon the Mugunghwa AIs to their fates.

2 Girls, 1 Core

Do the impossible by unlocking the harem ending.


Engage in an act of unlawful kidnapping.


"It's not you, *Hyun-ae. It's me."

Rainbow Connection

Treat *Mute in a manner she considers unbecoming of a woman.

Failure to Prioritize

Make a terrible mistake during the reactor sequence.

Deep Space Detective

Download every single log file.


Finish *Mute's route as both a man and a woman.