Assault Android Cactus achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Weak Link

Reach a chain of 100

No Hold Will Hold Me

Defeat Production Overlord Embryo

Garden Pruning

Defeat Hydroponics Controller Vespula

Centre of Mass

Destroy an enemy with Helo while it's caught by a Singularity

Security Breach

Defeat Security Administrator Justice

Chain Reaction

Cause 3 mines to explode in succession without being shot

Credits To Burn

Unlock any item that costs credits

Poor Atmosphere

Defeat Superstructure Engineer Venom

Prison Break

Destroy every laser fence In Justice's first phase

Seven At One Blow

Destroy seven enemies with a single Rail Gun shot

Collateral Damage

Destroy 3 enemies by driving another enemy through them with the Giga Drill

Blast Processing

Activate an EX Option

Everything's Cactus

Destroy 15,000 homicidal robots

To Cross The Void

Rescue the Genki Star


Earn an S+ rank on any level

Androids Assemble

Play as 8 Androids


Finish any level without taking damage

We Have To Go Deeper

Reach Layer 15 in Infinity Drive mode

Well Read

Unlock all items in the Codex

Maximum Overdrive

Collect every Battery dropped in the Showdown level

Nothing But Net

Drop a cannonball down the hole in Filament

Art Connoisseur

Unlock all items in the Art Gallery

Scrambled Eggs

Defeat one of Embryo's phases before he can relocate

I Am Become Death

Complete Boss Rush mode

Stop Shooting Yourself

Lead the laser turret to defeat Medulla

Opportunity Cost

Unlock all items in EX Options

Out Of Your Depth

Reach Layer 25 in Infinity Drive mode

Chain Gang

Reach a chain of 1000

Assault Android Awesome

Earn an S+ ranking on all campaign levels