1979 Revolution: Black Friday achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Dark Days

Complete Chapter 1

One of Us

Complete Chapter 2

Disco, Of Course

Complete Chapter 3

Not the Iran You Left

Complete Chapter 4

Glorious Shining Iran

Complete Chapter 5

Show the World

Complete Chapter 6

Big Brother

Complete Chapter 7

Just a Knock

Complete Chapter 8

Radio City Cinema

Complete Chapter 9

A Clearer Picture

Complete Chapter 10

Join the Revolution

Complete Chapter 11

Pulled the Trigger

Complete Chapter 12

Recognize This Kid

Complete Chapter 13

The Little Black Fish

Complete Chapter 14

Martial Law

Complete Chapter 15

Black Friday

Complete Chapter 16

High Noon

Complete Chapter 17

I Was Dead

Complete Chapter 18

The End

Complete Chapter 19

Agha Doktor: The Doctor

Baradar: My Brother

Mazloom: The Pacifist

Foozool: The Snoop

Explore all the areas in the Home exploration.

Khodemooni: The People Person

Interact with everyone on the streets and the rebel headquarters.

Doshman: My Enemy

Jaasoos: The Spy

Unlock all stories relating to the secret police and secret operations.

Sarbaaz: The Soldier

Unlock all stories relating to the military.

Shekamu: The Foodie

Unlock all stories about Iranian food and drink.

Taghooti: The Royalist

Unlock all stories relating to the Shah and the royal family.

Heepster: The Hipster

Unlock all pop culture related exploration points.

Namard: The Coward

Vahshi: The Savage

Jam Konandeh: The Collector

Enghelabi: The Revolutionary

Unlock all stories relating to revolutionaries or revolutionary activity.

Akaas: The Photographer

Unlock all photo stories by taking every possible photo.

Ostad: Story Master

Unlock all stories in 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Hajji: The Pilgrim

Unlock all stories relating to religion or clerical leaders

Roshanfekr: The Intellectual

Unlock all political exploration points.

Pahlevoon: The Hero

Never fail a fight or run into an obstacle.