Cosmic Leap achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Cosmic Cola

Loaded the game!


Finished your first level!

A Grade

Achieved an A grade!

Sector 19

Finished Level 1


Unlocked Swag Man!

Sector 33

Finished Level 2

Sector 7

Finished Level 3

Sector 43

Finished Level 4

Sector 21

Finished Level 5

Sector 9

Finished Level 6

Sector 13

Finished Level 7

Sector 37

Finished Level 8

Sector 12

Finished Level 9

Sector 22

Finished Level 10

Full Garage

Unlocked all rocket ships!

The Host with the Most

Unlocked Mr. Host

Caught 'em ALL

Intercepted all crew members!

Big Emperor

Unlocked the Big Emperor!