Niche - a genetics survival game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Sweet Sweet Love

Mate for the first time


Return to Adam's original island (unlocks in story mode only)


Discover all island types

Two for the Price of One

Give birth to twins


Survive for 50 days


Have only one animal of one sex and a lot of animals of the opposite sex


Have an animal with albinism


Have an animal with melanism

Adam's Curse

A baby is kidnapped by a bird of prey

Copy / Paste

Give birth to identical twins

Spring Fever

Mate at least 10 times on one day

Ruler of the Savanna

Breed an animal with 5+ heat resistence

Eating Nemo

Catch a Clownkoi

Ruler of the Mountains

Breed an animal with 5+ cold resistence

Still Alive!

Survive for 250 days


Traverse the Archipelago island and travel north to new lands

Darwin Award

Back into the Sea

Breed an animal with 6+ swimming and underwater breathing ability

Root of the Problem

Get rid of the plants that block the northern exit of the island and travel to new lands


Breed an animal with 12+ strength

Perry the Platypus

Breed an animal with Platypus Beak and Swimming Tail and name it Perry

Family Reunion

Have a member of Adam's original tribe join your pack (unlocks in story mode only)

Ice Age

Find all 5 prehistoric genes

Never gonna give you up

Survive for 1000 days

Prehistoric Hunter

Breed an animal with Sabertooth Fangs, Mammut Feet, Hammer Tail and Megaloceros Horns


Special achievement to honor Erose. Breed an animal with Stinky Tail, Big Ears, at least one E Immunity Gene and name it Erose

Natural Selector

Unlock all genes (story mode required to unlock all genes)

Purr-pared for War

Special Youtuber achievement to honor JessiMew. Breed an animal with Black fur, White Pattern Color, Violet Eyes, two Claws, Big Body, Ram and name it JessiMew


Breed an animal with a racoon pattern

Seers of the Sea

Special achievement to honor Seri! Pixel Biologist! Breed an animal with White Fur (not albino), Red Horn Color, Antlers, at least 1 Berry Paw, Webbed Hindlegs, Fishing Tail and name it Doeli


Special Youtuber achievement to honor EmmaUniverse. Breed an animal with Black Fur (no melanism), Yellow Eyes, No Pattern, Poison Fangs, one Claw, Nimble Fingers and name it Emma