Cosmonautica achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Uncle Scrooges Fortune

Earn a profit of 250.000 CR in 20 cycles.

Einstein's Delight

Research all available technologies.

Out for a Stroll

Visit all planets in the starting system.


Transport 50 passengers.

Bad Taste

Customize a ship with an exotic colour set.

The Brawler

Win 15 space fights.

Masses on the Move

Transport 100 passengers.

Waste the Waste

Purchase all waste a waste-producing planet has in stock.

Burn, Burn, Burn

Have 5 crew members 'on fire' at the same time.

Perfect Harmony

8 crew members have one mutual preference.

Let's have a LAN party

Gather 4 crew members with the gamer special.


Purchase the most expensive ship.

A True Cosmonaut

Finish the extraordinarily hilarious campaign.

Wow, this is huge!

Earn over 100.000 CR profit with one mission.

Breaking Worse

100 units of illegal goods successefully smuggled.


Defeat an enemy ship by force within 50 seconds during space fight.

Eat this, Lightspeed!

Fly a Stingrace cruiser with two level 5 pilots.

The Homerun

Accomplish 50 missions without failing one.

Shopping Frenzy

Empty the stock of at least 5 types of exported goods at a merchant.


Carry 25 passengers on board at the same time.

Event Horizon

Research and visit 10 sectors.

Rest in Pieces

Win 75 space fights.

Call me Nobody

Customize a ship without any name.

Mr. Niceguy

Win 50 space fights by diplomacy.

My Metal Friends

Deploy 8 robots on board, including RoboDoc and RoboChef upgrades.

Family Reunion

Assemble 3 crew members with the same surname.

League of Aces

8 crew members leveled up to the max.


Assemble a crew consisting of 8 aliens.

Do the Dreadnaught

Fly a Sharkalon Raider with all weapons and shooter skills maxed out.

Fatal Slaps

Destroy 10 enemy ships with a final ram maneuver.

The Void is the Limit

Research and visit 50 sectors.