Bezier achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Officer Cadet

Achieve player level 3


Destroy a shield whilst enraged

Pilot Officer

Achieve player level 5

The Swinger

Destroy a shield using the Guardian

Expert Chainsmith

Create a chain over 10000m in length

The Collector

Collect 400 gems in a single zone

Endurance Beginner

Survive until the 10th endurance wave

We've Only Just Begun

Defeat Magus Domus

Flying Officer

Achieve player level 8

Flight Lieutenant

Achieve player level 10

Weapons? Meh!

Complete a zone collecting no weapons

Swinging In The Chain

Acquire over 250000m of endurance chain

Endurance Novice

Survive until the 25th endurance wave

Trouble In The Bubble

Slay 25 enemies whilst inside a bubble

All The Way

Complete game without continue

Ouch Too Tight To Mention

Complete a zone with 10 or less ouch

Squadron Leader

Achieve player level 12

I am my Brother's Keeper

Refuse to kill your possessed brother

Wing Commander

Achieve player level 15

Group Captain

Achieve player level 16

Artful Dodger

Survive a zone without being hit

Air Commodore

Achieve player level 17

Endurance Hero

Survive until the 50th endurance wave

Air Marshal

Achieve player level 18

Jesse the Bethlehemite

Complete game only using the blaster

Endurance God

Survive until the 100th endurance wave

Will Of The Cautious

Complete game with full defense upgrades

Don't Stand So Close To Me

Complete a zone without collecting a gem

Unbound Pugnacity

Complete game with full attack upgrades

The Laurel Crown

Complete over 90% of achievements