Oozi: Earth Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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1,000 stars

Collect 1,000 stars


Find 10 secret stars


Complete a story level in less than 5 minutes

First boss defeated

Beat the first boss

8,000 stars

Collect 8,000 stars

Obsessive Collecting Disorder

Complete a story level with perfect score


Score total of 100,000 points in story mode

Second boss defeated

Beat the second boss

It wasn't in the tutorial!

Kill a hedgehog

Super Explorer

Find 50 secret stars

Living bullet

Kill 10 enemies using another enemy

15,000 stars

Collect 15,000 stars

Third boss defeated

Beat the third boss


Kill 100 enemies using stomp

Final boss defeated

Beat the final boss

100% Easy

Complete the game on easy difficulty or higher

Super Collector

Score total of 200,000 points in story mode

Deadly punch

Punch 100 enemies

100% Normal

Complete the game on normal difficulty or higher

Ultra Explorer

Find all 100 secret stars


Complete a story level without taking any damage


Complete a story level without killing any creature

Multi kill

Kill 5 enemies by bouncing from one to another

100% Hardcore

Complete the game on hardcore difficulty


Kill 25 enemies using bombs

Death from above

Kill 10 enemies using a falling rock

Challenge 10

Beat 10 challenge levels

Arcade 5

Complete 5 arcade levels

Challenge 22

Beat 22 challenge levels


Complete an arcade level with 0-star rank

Arcade 10

Complete 10 arcade levels

Challenge 44

Beat all 44 challenge levels

Arcade 20

Complete all 20 arcade levels

Challenge mastery

Complete all challenges with 3-star rank

Arcade mastery

Complete all arcade levels with 3-star rank