Jets'n'Guns Gold achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Sweet revenge

Find the secret level with spammers.

Not so Perfect

Find Mr. Perfect's secret level.

Hidden orbit

Find the secret base on lava planet's moon.

Going viral

Find the secret science lab level.

Bounty hunter

Find and capture all 9 galactic villains.

Multi killer

Kill 60 troops with one hit.


Finish game on hard difficulty or higher.


Activate 100 devices with RemCon.

Armageddon now!

Finish one level with Armageddonator.

Don't panic

Pick up 100 hitchhikers.


Crack 100 crates open.


Finish campaign without being shot down.

Full hangar

Unlock all 12 ships.

No more secrets

Find all secrets.

Mini Gamer

Reach score of 10.000 in Tetrix.


Reach score of 100 millions.


Make one hero obtain all medals.

Troop destroyer

Kill 100.000 troops.

Air destroyer

Kill 100.000 air targets.

Ground destroyer

Kill 10.000 ground targets.

Total mayhem

Destroy 250.000 targets.


Get to 10th round of the campaign.