Ninja Pizza Girl achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Just roll, you’ll be fine

Safely fall 10 metres

Stood up for yourself

You've got style!

Make an outfit

The best things in life cost money

Have a cup of tea, some chocolate or a nice hot bath

In the zone

Be "in the zone" for 30 continuous seconds

Stopped being a jerk

Judgement free zone

Use the difficulty options


Buy a video game

It's all in the knees

Believed in the dream

No, YOU'RE a dork

Successfully attack 100 ninjas

Stopped worrying about your clothes

Best Rating Ever

Deliver a pizza in an A+ time

Beat that jerk

Opened your eyes

Gemma's Story

Complete the Ninja Pizza Girl story

We shouldn’t reward this behaviour

Start a delivery with the lowest possible self-esteem and successfully deliver the pizza


Buy ALL the video games

We didn't think anyone would do this

Deliver a pizza in First Person Mode

Great, you broke our rating system

Deliver a pizza in a time that's Beyond Classification

Passive Respect

Deliver a pizza in a R-E-S-P-E-C-T level without attacking a single rival ninja


Make all the outfits

You broke it!

Difficulty options are like, just over there

Fail and retry a level 10 times


Deliver 100 pizzas

The whole pizza

100% game completion

You're too good at this game


Deliver 1,000 pizzas